Going with the grain.



Craftsmanship by the Process

Range Road Furnishings is owned and operated by two lifer-Calgarians. Engineers by profession, hobbyists by obsession. We create pieces by custom order, unique-to-fit by combining customer ideas with our experimental use of wood, concrete and steel. Our purpose is to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces with a very personalized final product that can be the centerpiece of a room, or a subtle eye-catcher in the background to engage your guests. We are passionate about working with raw materials to create new ideas and combinations that fuel our excitement of the craft and result in a truly independent piece for the customer.

Please enjoy our galleries that give a deeper look into some of the final products and the satisfying process within each. We look forward to working on your unmatched project!


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All estimates are free and flexible according to budget, materials and scheduling. We work with you to plan out as much detail as you'd like in advance so you know exactly what to expect at delivery, even if you want it to be a total surprise.



They listened and took in all my (many) ideas and were so creative with their own ideas that they were able to produce the perfect piece of furniture that represents me and my style. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding and this was all done while staying within budget.
— Andrea Lamond : Hanna Valley Table + Lamont Valley Bench
What started out to be an idea to have a table and bench built was quickly transformed to be a work of art. Samples of our original ideas were modelled, improved upon and would eventually evolve to become a custom built masterpiece that is now the centerpiece to our solarium.
— Ray & Irmi Geuder : Waiparous Creek Dining Table + Bench
I had an initial idea of what I wanted but the table Ray and Brett built for my entry way exceeded my expectations and is an instant conversation piece when I have company. I love the combination of wood, concrete and steel that they used to bring this unique piece together. They worked with me through the design process to sort out all the details and make sure it would fit my space perfectly.
— McKayla Toews : Jasper River Entry Table



We work with the customer to provide the best available options and materials to complete their piece. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic timelines and expectations. We strive for honest customer service, contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction. We don't believe in marketing schemes and that truly great workmanship will sell itself.


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The Hands Behind Range Road Furnishings


I started Range Road Furnishings in early 2015 after a colleague and I found we shared a mutual interest in woodworking. After creating a few pieces for each of our own homes, we began receiving compliments on our work and started getting requests from friends to bring to life some of their ideas. Word slowly got out and the business expanded to a new location and a new partership.

I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to date and I am excited by every new and innovative project that comes through our door. My favourite part about Range Road Furnishings is the ability to bring a concept through to a finished product.


I grew up in Rocky View County on the same farm where Range Road Furnishings is currently located. I started to work with Brett near the end of 2016 when we decided to form the partnership and keep the dream of Range Road alive. We relocated our shop to the farm barn where we quickly learned that although woodworking in -15 deg C for 4 hours was not ideal, we still truly enjoyed what we were doing and knew we were on the right path. Shortly after the frostbite had subsided we upgraded to our ever-growing heated shop to pursue our work throughout the year.

I am driven by obtaining new skills and knowledge while getting to work with new materials. My biggest enjoyment comes from learning something new, completing a project along the way, and providing the results of my efforts to somebody who is truly happy to receive it.